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    Help with Table filters

    anuj agrawal

      I have a crosstab that I am putting as a screenshot below.



      What i want to do is I want to compare D4 through D7 from the main table with the reference table and flag them if there is a change as seen in the yellow highlighted cells.

      It gets trickier as in the table I only want to show values where atleast one value in D5 through D7 is non zero. While im displaying this I would want the logic of non zeros overridden if there is a change in values of D4 through D7 from the original table. D4 is a measure that has been converted into a dimension using D4 = str(variable)


      What i have right now is I have made a table filter which is  > if  D5 != 0 OR D6 != 0 OR D7!= 0 THEN TRUE <

      While this is working fine in excluding the zeroes, it is also excluding some rows where all are zero but there has been a change in D4 OR D5 through D7

      Please help. I have been trying to figure this out for almost 2 days but cant seem to.



      Thank You!