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    Census tract problem: tracts not showing up in right place?

    alex rozier


      I'm working on a Census tract map of Mississippi, showing the % African American population per tract. I'm working with two Excel sheets (both attached), the first (tl_2016_28_tract.dbf) that has the spatial data via TIGER, and the second (census_tract_race_Data) has the demographic data for each tract. Now, the shapes look like they've landed in the right place. But, when I hover over the tracts, the tract names are in all the wrong places, and thus so are the corresponding demographic numbers.

      I think this might be from how I joined the two spreadsheets; I tried joining Id2 from the demographics file and GEOID from the shape file, but Tableau wouldn't allow it. So instead I made a column in the demographics file to match the NAMELSAD column in the shape data file. And that join worked, but alas the African American % data and the census tracts are all mismatched. Sorry this is so complicated, but if you look at the spreadsheets hopefully you'll see what I mean. The workbook is also attached.

      Any help would be extremely appreciated.