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    cannot mix aggregate and non aggregate while multiple data source

    Naman Bhardwaj

      Hi tableau Community,


      let me explain where i got stuck


      i have a inventory table which has stock(inventory) history on ETL load date wise and product (item )wise

      i want to create a calculate field where it shows product wise pageviews when stock of the product is zero

      pageview data comes from google analytics and i have blended the two data sources


      i made this calculate field

      {FIXED [Item Desc],DATE([ETL Load Date]):SUM([Stock])}=0

      and applied this in filter section and selected TRUE it worked well


      but due to some reason i dont wish to apply this in filter as filter affecting my other measures too so i  want to write is as a calculated field like below

      IF ATTR({FIXED [Item Desc],DATE([ETL Load Date]):SUM([Stock])})=0 THEN SUM([Google Analytics (GA.[Pageviews])END


      but it is giving me error

      need your help