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    Calculation help

    Rajesh L M

      Hi All,


      need to calculate YTD,MTD,QTD and previous year YTD,MTD,QTD,WTD for the data set.

      YTD,MTD,QTD,WTD should show like a filter in the dashboard.


      i have 2 date columns in the data set , data this year(Date Key) and date last year(Date Key Ly)

      similarly 2 kpi columns, sales net this year(Sale Net Val Ty) and sales net last year(Sale Net Val Ly).


      calendar year for this data set is 29th december to 29th december

      so ytd should show me data from 29th dec 2017 to today's date

      similarly  previous year ytd should be from 29th dec 2016 to 29th dec 2017


      Note: Data is in weekly level and it should calculate YTD,MTD,QTD,WTD depending on date_key selected


      workbook is attached