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    View underlying data shows ALL rows not just the selected rows - how can I restrict to selected rows?

    Deepti Pradhan

      Good morning! I have a bar graph with the bar (color) differentiated by a dimension. The bar graph is filtered by names in the rows. Each name has n number of people associated with it, but only those with the value in the column have a shared charactersitic (in this case, visit). I would like the user to select a color on the bar and see the people associated with it that share that common characterstic; instead, when I try to see underlying data, I see ALL the rows.Fig1.png


      In the above image, prospect manager A has made 4 visits to people who are rated 5 (rating is the coloring of the bar). So far so good.


      Now, I would like to see the underlying details that would be the names of the people who the prospect manager visited (those 4 visits above). The full data tab, I thought would show the full data associated with those 4 visits. Instead, I get the full data on all those who are rated 5.




      I bet there is a simple way to make it work - would you help me please? Putting any element that is associated with people visited (e.g. name of person visited) as a detail breaks down the bar, and that makes it a little messy visually.