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    I'm probably not doing this right / grouping data

    Susan Stegemann

      I want to look at my data by email address. For example, I want to group all gmail.com addresses, all icloud.com addresses and all aol.com addresses. And I want to find out 1) the total percentage of all gmail.com addresses, the percentage of all icloud.com addresses, and the total percentage of aol.com addresses. Say by using a pie chart.


      This seems really basic, but I cannot figure out how to make it happen.


      I can create groups, but they don't appear to be usable in any way. My Email Address dimension gets a single dimension added beneath it, called Email address (group). Where do I find the groups I created and how do I use them?


      Or, what do I need to be doing to get the pie chart I'm seeking, short of editing all my raw data to exclude complete email addresses?