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    LOD Filter Problem

    Jim Jones



      I have a problem filtering which I think can be solved via LOD but I'm not sure how to do it.


      I have built the attached workbook on superstore - there's two worksheets in there, both showing sales. One is at the product level, one at the category level. I have created a range filter on SUM([Sales]) on the product level worksheet. So I want to filter for only products in a certain range. I want this to also apply to my category level worksheet. But of course if I select for the filter to apply to this it vanishes as the categories all have SUM([Sales]) much bigger than the sum([Sales]) at the product level.

      So I want an LOD calc at the product level that can be used as a filter for the category level. But when I try e.g {Fixed product : SUM([sales]} I don't get the correct output.


      Any ideas?



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          Ken Flerlage

          Your LOD is correct. I suspect that, when you are creating the filter based on this LOD, you're choosing to make it a measure (i.e. SUM(Product Sales)). Instead, choose to make it a dimension (i.e. choose "All Values"). That will prevent it from further aggregating the data before filtering. Does that make sense?


          Have a look at the attached and let me know if this addresses your issue.