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    Last 4 months total

    Sai Sri B

      Hi Team,


      I've 2 data sources 'Main Date' acts as a 'Primary Data Source' and 'Date Filter' acts as a 'Secondary Data Source'.

      'Date Filter', which is the 'Secondary Data Source', has been created to apply the filter to fetch the data for last 4 months.

      Example: Choose any date from date filter which has been created from 'Secondary Data Source' then the 'Primary Data Source' will bring the data for last 4 months. This is the reason why I created 'Secondary Data Source'


      Issue: Now, I selected 'December 2017' then the sheet should show the sum of last 4 months i.e.,Dec-17,Nov-17,Oct-17 and Sept-17. Below is the Actual vs Expected Output


      Attached the .twbx