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    Create Multiple Groups using Rest API

    Anna Kisting

      Hi Tableau-


      I'm just getting started with the rest API. Is it possible to create multiple groups at a time using Postman?  Also, I will need to add about 500 people to various groups - is there anyway that I can do it all at the same time?  I'm using Tableau 10.5 (and therefore rest api 2.8)





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          Daniel Stanish

          Good day Anna.


          Is this a one-time add, or are you intending to this programmatically (as in a daily/weekly/monthly update)?


          If the former, have you looked at the tabcmd tool from Tableau? It will allow you to create groups, and import users via CVS file, as well as some other neat stuff:


          I've worked a little bit with the REST API calls using Python scripting. What you're describing is possible in the API. Which may not answer your question.

          Best regards,