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    localization issues with US cities


      Hi everyone,

      I am trying to build a geographic viz basing on a list of 100 cities from all over the world. When implementing the list of cities into the map, I occurred in a few localization mistakes. Some of them were due to misspelling (I typed Shangai instead of Shanghai) some to different nomenclature of the cities, but I do not understand why the system refuses to recognize some US cities, like Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, and so forth, and what's worse, It does not allow me to edit the location.

      To be clearer: I see that Dallas is not recognized; the "edit location" drop down menu does not appear, the only option available is to set latitude and longitude manually; when trying to set them correctly, the "ok" button is not available; I tried to type two random values and after that the cities correctly appeared in the drop down menu; when selecting "dallas" the "location unknown" tab remains on the map and the point does not appear on the map.

      Does any of you have a clue on how to solve the issue?

      Here below the file on which I am working.


      thanks in advance,

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          Don Wise

          Hello Pietro,

          You'll have better results overall if you were to include a new column of data in your original set, for State/Province and fill that column with the appropriate values.  That will help resolve the geographic hierarchy gap. 


          You should have, City-->State/Province-->Country. 


          Your data doesn't include State/Province, so jumping from one level of detail to a different level of detail, skipping a middle level of detail needed to support the location.  Hope that helps answer your question and why Tableau is behaving the way that it is for correction of locations using the Edit feature.


          If yes, please mark this response as correct so that others may find it useful in the future.  Thx, Don

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            Thanks Don. I tried to add the state/province detail but it does not work either. Apparently there is some kind of issue with the geolocalization of some US cities.

            Does anyone experienced the same?




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              Karla Wagner

              Hi Pietro,

              I would have expected that Don's suggestion to add State/Province detail to the data, making sure the Geographic Role is set to "State/Province" for the field, and then adding the State field to the Marks card would have fixed this issue.


              Did it fix any of the unknown cities when you added State/Province detail? Or did you still end up with same number of unknown locations?