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    I can't get the result right if I implement Tableau REST API in a row.

    Kazuya Igusa

      Please help!!!


      I added an user to the Tableau site by Tableau REST API instead of doing it on Tableau Server.

      Then I called 1. log in, 2. The aquistion of  the site list, 3. Add users to the site, 4. The aquisition of the list of users by this order from Java program,

      but it turned out that I didn't get the result on No.4 instantly. After 5 sec I have done No.3, then now I have gotten the result of No.4.


      My question is '"Does Tableau return the responses before Tableau fisnish its processes? (I call each REST API then after I get the responses I call next API by order)", and "Do I need to control the process Synchronization/Asynchronization by the parameter when I call REST API?"


      Best regard.