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    Need help with Custom date calculations

    tanvi khanna

      Hi All,


      My dates are in form of semesters (known as waves) - Sem1 2017, Sem2 2017, Sem1 2018 etc.

      I need to calculate improvement within several measures by semester ie performance of in sem1 2018 vs sem2 2017..


      As soon as I convert my column 'Wave' = semester from string to date format, Tableau reads it as follows:

      sem1 2017 = Jan 2017

      sem2 2017 = Feb 2017

      sem1 2018 = Jan 2018

      I have created 'latest wave' and 'prior wave' columns in data for calculating difference in measures, however since sem1 2018 is the latest wave (Jan 2018 in Tableau). the prior wave is read as Dec 2017 instead of Feb 2017 -> and I do not have data for Dec 2017 but as entire semester.



      Any help will be highly appreciated!