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    Connecting SAP to Tableau

    Joseph Bingel



      I have a question regarding SAP connection to Tableau. I want to help a client connect data from their SAP (BW) to Tableau. In order to coordinate the connection, I understand that I would need access to the client's SAP with their username and password. However, I do not have SAP on my own computer nor do I have access to their SAP. In order to coordinate such a connection, the viable option would be for them to purchase Tableau and I guide them in connecting SAP to a tableau workbook from their computer, right? Or is there a way I can coordinate the connection from my computer?


      If you have any complementary information that I can look at to further understand this I would greatly appreciate it.


      Thanks a lot and best regards!

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          nikher verma

          Hi Joseph Bingel ,


          In order to connect tableau and SAP (BW) , SAP GUI is required on the same system where tableau desktop or server is installed .


          Please have a look ::

          Connecting to SAP BW


          Hope this will work .



          -Nikher Verma

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            Joseph Bingel

            Hi Nikher,


            Thanks for the insight. I am unsure as of yet whether we have access to SAP GUI on our computers. In the event that we do not, my understanding is that the client would need to have SAP GUI and we would need to coordinate the connection from their computer. Once the connection has been made, saved into a packaged workbook and sent back to my computer, would I be able to edit the workbook, designing graphs and updating it regularly from my computer (once connection has been established?)


            Thanks a lot for you help. I have also been reviewing the link you gave me to learn more.


            Best regards!


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              nikher verma

              No ,you will not be able to edit the workbook as you will not be having data connection .you will not be connected with your data source .If your client is ready to give access to his system using VPN or remote connection you can easily solve this problem .




              -Nikher Verma

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                Joseph Bingel



                Thanks a lot for the clarification. I’ve been looking to see if there is any workaround to what you are describing. I’m surprised that even if the workbook is saved as a packaged workbook that it doesn’t show the SAP data if you don’t have the SAP connection on your computer.


                If we suppose that I am unable to connect to the client’s SAP BW data via SAP GUI, I have been considering the following workarounds:


                ·       Is it possible to switch the workbook to an extract in the client’s computer and then potentially save the extract to a pendrive, which I then eject and use in my computer that doesn’t have the SAP connection? The only thing with that is I was seeing that once you switch a live SAP connection to an extract, you can’t switch back. There is no workaround available in order to preserve the structure of a workbook? Let’s suppose I am able to use the SAP extract on my computer (without SAP live connection) to develop all the graphs and calculations necessary. There’s no way to then transfer that workbook to the client’s computer and then replace the SAP extract data source with a SAP live connection?


                ·       Another alternative I was considering was taking the client’s excel data directly from SAP and then developing all the graphs and calculations with excel data in Tableau…..then I take that workbook to their computer and replace the excel data connection with a SAP live connection. Is that possible?


                ·       If the above options are not possible, is it possible for the client to upload the workbook with SAP live connection to Tableau online (which they share with me) and then I log into online through my computer and make all the visualizations and calculations via Tableau Online? The only thing I am unsure about is the safety/security of the information on Tableau Online.


                If none of those options are viable, I am assuming that what we would need is for the client to give me one of their Laptops with Tableau software and SAP GUI in order to coordinate the connection and develop the workbooks.


                I appreciate any insight you can give regarding this.

                Thanks again!