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    How to create quartile and quantile buckets

    Satish Ramakrishna

      Hello, community.


      I have a simple problem which is not very simple to achieve in Tableau. I have student scores data. I want to show the count of students (COUNTD of StudentID) in each quartile or quantile bucket of student score. How to achieve this?


      For example: consider I have 100 students whose scores range from 0 to 50. I want to show a stacked bar chart which shows the number of students in each quartile (Q1,Q2, Q3,Q4) or quantile(Q1,Q2, Q3,Q4, Q5) like below image.



      Note - The value should be able to aggregate at different levels like Grade, subject, school etc.. like below



      I cannot attach any workbook. Sorry about that.