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    abc field with 0 1 2... how to apply a rule for tableau

    JP Favre

      Hello there,


      i am working on the filled which looks like this. As you can see there are plenty of fields with 1 2 or 0. basically it is a test that my colleague from IT are doing.

      if the field is filled in correctly i will have '1'

      If the field is not filled correctly i will get a '2'

      if the field is empty i will get a '0'



      Due to the fact that this is a quality check for a client i need to represent EACH field in a manner that they can read it...so what i am doing currently is ..


      Create alias to replace 0 1 and 2 by valid value / non compliant value & value not filled

      and changing the colors for green, orange and red..


      My question is the following,..is there a way with Tableau to automatically replace ALL the 0 1 and 2 and add colors ... because i need to do this exercice for simple graph for more than 25 fields.


      Attached is a sample of my dataset.


      thanks for your help





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          Jim Dehner

          Good morning

          Please see the attached

          In the sample data I only saw 2 fields with the 0,1,2 indicator - the process would be the same with more

          firs I pivoted the indicator data around the name      Pivot Data from Columns to Rows

          to produce a data set that looked like this


          now it is easy to create a text table like this


          but to your point then change the values to text with this


          and create the bar chart like this


          the percent of total is just a table calc on the record count



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