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    Cut-off Running Sum Mid-Year

    John Mogielnicki

      Hello. I have a nut that has turned out to be surprisingly hard to crack.  See the attached packaged workbook to see the issue.  I'm putting together a budget dashboard.  In one of the views (second tab of workbook), I want to show a running sum of actuals against a running sum of budget, and show the variance between the two.  The problem is that my actuals stop at April, but the budget continues through the rest of the year.  So when I put together a running sum the actuals flatline at April, the budget continues to rise, and the variance grows rapidly.  I want both the actuals line and the variance bars to end at april.  When I try to put together a calculated field (like the one with the exclamation point in the workbook), I get the error that I cannot mix aggregate and non-aggregate results in an if statement. 


      Any help with this would be much appreciated.