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    Hide complete sheet in the dashboard

    Divya Sharma

      Hi Experts,

      I need your help in this.


      I have created a dashboard using Superstore data source which includes 3 sheets.

      Functionality is, When the Sheet 1 filter 'Sub-category =All' then Sheet 2 and 3 should not display.

      When user selects any value in filter 'Sub-category, then Sheet 2 should show (Sheet 2 is just to display text) and sheet 3 will remain invisible.

      And when we select the row in Sheet 2, then Sheet 3 should be visible


      This all functionality is working with one issue.  The issue is, The Title and Background colour in sheet 3 is always visible. I need both Title and Background colour in this sheet but the complete sheet should not be visible if Sub Category =All.

      Workbook attached.

      Please advise.



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