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    LOD or Calculated Columns for MAT, MQT, M6T, etc.

    Tony Bradshaw

      I would like to create the relevant aggregate measures in my data table so that I can parameterise the value used in a viz and without having all the required date level detail present in that viz.

      I have added a small Excel tablet to show what my idealised position would be, the columns labelled MAT, MQT and M6T are easy to claculate in Excel (given a sorted table I admit). There must be a way to do a similar calculation in Tableau.

      Anyone have any really bright ideas?

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          Hari Ankem

          Does this help?



          The workbook is attached for reference.

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            Tony Bradshaw


            Part of the way there but not quite the full answer I'm afraid.

            What I want to achieve is this result but not in a viz. I want to use LOD or something similar to define the dimensions of my calculation but then sum over the time dimension, variably for MAT, MQT etc., so that I get a series of values for each month in my data table for each row of the dimensions so that when I select 3 isolated months in my table I can pull the relevant value, usually MAT, to perfrom further calculations without the necessity of having all the months in view, i.e. I want to retrieve:

            Product          Date           Measure(MAT)  Further calculations

            prod a           Jan 2016      1256.00               e.g. YOY difference

            prod a           Jan 2017      1368.00                    or % Change etc.

            prod a           Jan 2018      1686.00


            I only want to retrieve the 3 values not 36 months of monthly values to calulate just the 3 I want to use.

            I also want to use the same calculation to be able to parameterise my measure selection so users can swap between, say, Month and MQT.