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    How to select multiple measures in a line chart?

    Tom Brown



      I have a dual axis line chart with year along the X axis and productivity on the 2 Y axis.

      Using the LHS Y axis the chart plots the performance of productivity for 12 different regions over the 1997 to 2016 period.

      Using the RHS Y axis the chart plots the level of productivity for 2016 which was forecasted 10 years ago.

      Therefore the chart aims to show the long run trend for each of these regions, as well as how their values in 2016 compare to what was forecast a decade ago.

      Using a filter by region menu I'm able to isolate each region's 1997-2016 line and it's corresponding 2016 point. However if I click on a line on the chart directly, it won't include the forecast point in my selection.

      Is there a way to 'group' the line and the point estimate when simply clicking over the chart?


      Thanks in advance.