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    distributing an event in waffle/square chart over consecutive hours

    Bhupendra Subedi

      Hi All, new to Tableau community. I am using a different example for the shake of data proprietary issue.


      I have different shops. Each shops report what time they close every day and for how long.


      For example is shop A reported that it closed at 13:46 pm and closed for 94 mins

                               shop D reported that it closed at 13:48 pm and closed for 171 mins hence longer red bar.


      What I want to do is distribute these events to appropriate hours. eg red bar for shop a should extend till 1:46 pm + 94 mins which is 3:20 pm and shop d should extend till 1:48 pm + 171 mins which is till 4:39 pm. Right now both are only on the 13th hour.


        Shop ID                                 Reported On                              Duration

      shop d                                  9/10/2018 1:48:25 PM                     171