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    Fixing boundary conditions when Using Percent change table calculationFixing boundary conditions when Using Percent change table calculation

    Mike Brown

      I am using a quick table calculation for percent growth change but I don't want it to use the previous row when I start a new group.  I'm guessing I may need to use LOD calculations but wanted to make sure there is not a simpler solution.  Also I did not do a packaged workbook on this as I have over 100 million rows in my Data Source and I wasn't sure if this would be an issue to package. I think it is pretty easy to see the issue as only the very first row is correct in showing a null with no preceding rows in the group.  After that it is using the last row in the previous group to compute the % change which is incorrect.


      Message was edited by: Mike Brown I found some content on using the "Restarting every" option that looks promising to reset my break points.  I will play around with this and report back.