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    Combining two separate date fields to one in Tableau

    Scott Francis

      I’m trying to combine two separate date fields into one so that I can calculate a defect rate between the two. I have two date fields:

      1. EndDate

      2. FundingDate

      The EndDate field is used to capture the # of units for a particular ‘project’ for a particular month. The FundingDate is used to capture the total # of volume generate for a particular month.

      If I create a cross tab using just EndDate and filter to a ‘project’ I’m interested in and COUNTD the # of units, those figures turn out to be accurate for their respective months.

      Same goes for the FundingDate, separate cross tab, COUNTD the # of units, figures are accurate for their respective month.

      If I try to view the COUNTD of units from a project using the FundingDate, the #’s are off. Same goes for the total volume if I use EndDate trying to find the total volume.

      How do I create a Date Dimension that both can pull off of that reflect the correct COUNTD? Also I'm not able to pivot the date fields against one another because the data is not coming from an Excel file.