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    How to rank the top n countries

    Sakshi Kaul

      HI all,

      Following data  is attached in excel sheet

      1.Rank the US states based on ‘Revenue USD’ – we need to see the top 10. What % of the revenue do they represent?

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          meenu choudhary

          Hi Sakshi,


          your attachment is missing.


          Below is the sample from Sample store. Are you looking for this ??


          Right Click on State-> Set -> Top



          Drag this set to worksheet along with sales.

          Clik on sales -> Quick table calculation -> Percent of total



          It will display the % contribution.


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            suman kumar

            Hi Sakshi Kaul


            Here I have attached step by step screen shots.


            Step 1:-

            First creat a basic view by dragging states in Row and Sales Label . Then click on Highlighted area in Image to view value in Descending to Ascending Order like below Image.

            Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 5.15.35 PM.png


            Step 2:-

            Now Drag States in filter area and it will open a window like below.

            Select Top-->By Filed -->then check the value in image. You can customize the value as well according to your requirement.

            Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 5.18.42 PM.png


            Step 3:

            Click on Sales Value like below image and Choose Quick Table Calculation --> Percent of Total

            It will give you

            the top 10 States and What % of the revenue do they represent.


            Please mark correct and Helpful if it works for you and Let me know if you have more question on this





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