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    How can I sum a field based on another field

    Brad Shannon

      I have a number of Sheets that has Corp Nm.  I have another field that is the AWP.  It's not on the Sheet.  I need to sum up the AWP for each Corp Nm and any filters used on the dashboard - it needs to take that into account.  Then I need to take that same AWP field and sum it up for the State and Region.  Then I need to divide the Store AWP by the State AWP or Region AWP to get a Market Share.  The filters on the Dashboard need to work on these calculations.  Then I need to add that Market Share field to the Sheets/Dashboard.

      Basically, any sheet that has Corp Nm - I need to add this calculated Market Share field.  I've dummied up some data for you to look at.  Normally, There would be a Midwest, NorthWest, Regions etc. This is my first major Viz.  Anyone have any idea?  Thanks.