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    Passing parameter values on a dashboard



      I have  worksheet in which the user will pick the Practice, Division, Dates of Service (quick filters) and a Percentage (N% parameter) which will then filter down my doctor records to the top N% based off of patient total.  This works fine.  I have a second worksheet on the dashboard in which I would like to display the facilities these doctors are seeing patients at.  I've applied the Practice, Division and Date of Service filters to this second worksheet, but the second worksheet displays facilities for this Practice,Division,Date of Service combination as a whole, not just for the N% of doctors that was returned in the first worksheet.  I don't know how to apply the N% parameter to the second worksheet to only display facilities that they have seen patients at (not the entire practice/division)?

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          Jim Dehner

          Hard to follow without seeing the workbook as a twbx file

          but in concept parameters are global (apply across the entire book) and static (must be changed by the user) but they don't do anything buy themselves - they need to tie to a filter or to a calculation -

          I don't know how you did your top 5 - I prefer to use a rank unique desc and then a filter that equates the rant to a separate parameter set to an integer for the N value

          then you are free to create separate ranks on each sheet and use it in a filter on that sheet only as <= to the N parameter


          could be more specific with your book



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            Hi Jim

            I made a similar example using Superstore (as not to post company information).  So the Dashboard 7 shows the top 5% Customers based off of Profit (worksheet called Top N%(2)).  I want to show the only the products in the bottom worksheet (Product Quantity) that these top 5% (31 customers) bought.