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    Create a 'refresh-able' Extract

    Stephen Groff

      Good morning Folks,


      I've been reading up on understanding how extracts work and found a great discussion on the topic here: Re: data extracts

      Jonathan Drummey


      I'm connecting to some Excel data that I would certainly like to make an Extract rather than a live connection.  However, I'd like to be prepared for the scenario that requires me to change the information in the Excel and still have Tableau be able to refresh this extract down the road.


      I am connecting to... for this rudimentary example; a MASTER DATE table that goes through 2019.


      But let's say that I want to extend the dates through 2020 in the last quarter of 2019.  So ideally, I go into this Excel file, extend the dates to 2020, save the Excel file and then go into my Tableau Workbook and refresh the extract containing this information.


      This seems like an easy concept, but I'm not understanding the process of creating the extract correctly using Jonathan Drummey example from the discussion mentioned above.

      I've been attempting to do this in different ways as mentioned in his process, but my extract fails to update.


      Can someone please provide me a step-by-step instruction on how to properly create a refresh-able extract?


      In the process above, I connect to LIVE data, but I'm getting hung up on "Extract the data".  If this simply means choosing the "Extract" bubble rather than the "Live" bubble, then this isn't working.  In order to create the extract, I'm required to 'Save' the file, which essentially is out of the order of operations above.  It doesn't ask me to create an extract until I choose to save the workbook.  Unless I'm missing some vital step.


      Ideally, I want to create an extract of this Excel file, then create a new workbook connecting to this extract while still having the power to update the extract.

      Thanks in advance for your help!

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          Hey Stephen,


          Questions to you:

          Where is your data located at..?

          you are connected from your local system to tableau public..?



          Answers to above questions if your doing so.

          1. If data is located locally then you need to maintain a shared location which it picks from the Shared Drive to Tableau server.

          2. If you have data local and need to publish to tableau public using extract then you need to have tableau bride.


          Publishers: Use Tableau Bridge to Keep Tableau Online Data Fresh


          Install Tableau Bridge

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            Stephen Groff

            I wish to create extracts of the reference files (Excel files) that are located on my machine.

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              Stephen Groff

              Right now this is the process I'm going through to be able to refresh the extracted data:


              Connecting to Extracts that are ‘Refresh-able’:

              1. Create New Workbook
              2. Connect to the Reference File (‘i.e Workstation Reference File)
              3. Click the Extract ‘bubble’ next to the Live ‘bubble’
              4. Click on ‘Sheet 1’ – this will prompt you to save the Extract as a .TDE
              5. Save the .TDE under a name you can recognize (i.e. Workstation References)
              6. Save your newly created Tableau Workbook as something you can reference when you need to update your extract (i.e. Workstation Reference – Manage Extract)
              7. Create a New Workbook
              8. Connect to your Extract by choosing ‘More’ under the dropdown menu
                1. Locate your extract file (i.e. Workstation References)
              9. You are now connected to the .TDE (Extract File)

              Updating the Extract File – Refreshing the extract in the Workbook where you’re connecting to the .TDE will not work:

              1. Make whatever changes you need to the Reference File (i.e. Workstation Reference File)
              2. Open the Workbook that manages your extract (i.e. Workstation Reference – Manage Extract)
              3. Click the ‘Data Source’ tab.  If data does not auto-refresh, then click the refresh button.
              4. Save the workbook.

              Verifying the extract has updated properly:

              1. Open the “New Workbook” you previously created.
              2. The extract you’ve connected to (i.e. Workstation References) will have updated.

              This seems ridiculous.  I'll look into Tableau Bridge and see if that makes this process more efficient.

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                Hey Stephen,


                Try this Steps:


                Step-01: connect to Excel file and select Extract.




                Step-o2 :Save Extract in the right path which tableau server have connection to pick your extract( very very Important)



                In the above image, My tableau server have connection to refresh files from Documents in the scenario.


                Step-03: You need to publish Extract.


                Step-04: Once you select publish to Server, You have below pop up message and need to select Refresh extract time in the list which tableau admin maintain custom dates and times to pick up.



                Step-05: i do selected daily at 8am to get refresh my extracts.



                Step-06: Once select data and time to refresh extract then click PUBLISH.



                Step-07: Publish you report to server.


                Step-08. Report will get refresh as per the date selection in the STEP-05



                NOTE: Please note, you dont have server to maintain extract then you might follow Tableau Bridge to extract your files.

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                  Stephen Groff

                  Thanks for the Step-by-Step instructions.  I really appreciate your help on this one.


                  You've pointed out a possible problem I have when connecting my data.  My data is located on my machine, however, I'm guessing that our Corporate IT Security blocks Tableau from connecting to this file.  This would explain why my extracts will not update.


                  I'll have to figure out where I can put the files without having our IT block access.


                  I'm still looking into Tableau Bridge client, however... I'm waiting for our Corporate IT to give me admin rights to use it properly.


                  Thanks again!  I'll report back once I try your solutions.

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                    hey Stephen,


                    check with IT folks for Path and Location which have connection from Tableau Server to Path Where your going to save excel file. (Without this connection it wont work for sure)



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                      Stephen Groff

                      Well, I've gone through your solution and it works.  However, in our corporate environment, our IT will not allow us to save/publish extracts on the server, so in my current work environment, I will just have to continue republishing each time I make a change to the raw data.


                      Thank you very much for your help.  Have a great day!

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