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    Clone an excel in Tableau

    Manuel Sanchez

      Hello everyone,


      I have a little problem with Tableau Desktop (v 2018.2.0). I need to clone a Excel report in Tableau with the same format. In the datebase i have the KPIs but i don´t know how to create the text rows. I don´t attach the package workbook because is empty yet, but i attach the image of the excel that i´m trying to clone in Tableau.

      The measures are in the database and the dates too, my problems are the rows with the titles Option A, Option B, etc... because i haven´t a dimension with this information.

      The measures that i have are disaggregment and i have 1 measure for each cell, i mean i have the measure Option A Date 1, Option A Date 2, Option A Date 3, Option B Date 1....

      Sin título.png

      Someone can give me a hand? Thanks a lot

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          Naveen B

          Hi Manuel,


          if my guess is right your data looks like below



          Connect to Excel and Pivot the data



          You will get a view like below



          and then create a calculated field like below


          To extract Option



          To Extract Dates


          Arrange your view like below



          and enable the column grand totals from analysis tab


          hope this helps plz mark this answer as correct or helpful to close the thread




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            Manuel Sanchez

            Hello Naveen and thanks a lot for your fast reply!


            My explication was very bad, sorry, i need to clone that excel but i don´t get the kpis from excel, i get it from Oracle, so i haven´t the pivot field names. That was my question, can i create that pivot field names (option A, B, C, etc) in Tableau?


            I´m thinkng in something like create a group with some specific measures and use it like dimension but i don´t know if this is possible or not.


            Thanks again for your help,

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              Okechukwu Ossai

              A good starting point will be to understand your current data structure.

              How many fields are in your Oracle Database and what are their names?