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    Proposing New Layout in the Community


      Hello Guys,


      As you seen lots of time, its been very difficult to vary version while helping others. I have some idea which i need to share and update.


      Current System:

      1. Unable to identity to exact tableau version

      2. Waste of times with forums uses have no right product to help users.



      Proposed System:

      1. Easy to identify product used by user

      2. Expert can easily noticed and to pick selected questions based on the product they used in the regular work

      3.Reduce waste of time and improve solving questions

      4.Track issues and Questions by version

      5. Identified repeated questions and know issues



      I'm happy if someone suggest more in the below list if they have any ideas to place and propose.





      kettan Jonathan DrummeyDeepak RaiRobert JanezicSha YuShinichiro Murakami