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    Using Tableau Public in a classroom, but service errors are preventing students from saving, etc.

    Larry Granillo



      I'm using Tableau Public in a class I'm teaching at the local university. There are 20 imacs in the lab and Tableau Public was installed about a month ago (early August probably). They may not have been updated to the newest version since then.


      The class was using the software together in lab last week and we kept getting errors when communicating with the servers. I am wondering if these are just typical problems that happen from time to time or if the errors are a result of the lab setup somehow? Is it possible that 20 students all trying to save their work in the same ~15 minute window might cause the servers to be non-responsive or return some kind of error?


      Our class meets around noon eastern two times a week. Last Tuesday, some students had trouble logging in, as if their accounts didn't exist even though they had created them only a few days before. On Thursday, many students (half the class, maybe more) had trouble when they tried to save their projects. They were all getting "Internal error - An unexpected error occurred and the operation could not be completed" every time they tried to save. In one case, I suggested going to "Clear Saved Server Sign-ins" but that closed the program. In another, I suggested logging out at the bottom and trying to save then; that worked, but it didn't for a neighboring student who tried a minute later. In many cases, the students were finally able to save after waiting long enough and trying again - and when I say "long enough" I mean 2-20 minutes, maybe more - but I don't think patience worked for everyone. Of course, when I tried it on my identical machine, it worked perfectly,


      Could these errors be because of the classroom setting, where 20 students working at the same time has a negative impact on the performance? Or are these typical errors that occur to everyone all the time? The fact that the errors were impacting so many people at once, and that patience seemed to help (with it working better as fewer students were in the room) makes me worry that there's something about my classroom setup that will cause this to happen every time.


      Is there any advice on what I can do to possibly prevent this in the future? Thanks for any thoughts/advice.