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    Get values for the latest date


      Hi All,


      I am in a situation, where I need to get the value of the variable for the latest date available in the data.

      This is the sample data I have created to explain my case.


      I want to put employees into different buckets(high/medium) according to their weights.

      I get the counts of employees under each bucket. Here the same person is being counted twice.

      I have tried using below in two separate  calculated fields

      1. to get the maximum date

      { FIXED [MPI]: Max([Date])}


      2. to get the weight for that date.

      IF  [Date] = [Date(Max)] THEN   [weight] ELSE  '' END


      But when I use this, the same person is counted twice in the viz but I want him/her to be considered only once but with the latest weight. which is 150.


      Any help is appreciated.