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    Set the dependent filter to value based on first quick filter selection

    Saravana K


      Is there a way to set the dependent filter to first value of it, based on the parent quick filter selection. Because as of now, when I change the option in the parent quick filter, the child quick filter becomes ('the previous value').

      Attached is the workbook and the screenshot.



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          Rachel Horne

          I am trying to do the same thing.  My data has the manager name and the agent name.  When I select one manager, I would like the agent list to only populate for that manager.


          I selected 'only relevant values' based off another posting but it still is not limiting the filtered list of agents.


          I changed from the multiple values dropdown to the single value dropdown. This worked for me!



          I am not sure if the filter cannot process where multiple values can be selected.  It would be nice for me to select two managers and see a larger group of agents.  If anyone knows another way to get that output, please let me know.


          I looked at your sample workbook and I modified the filters a bit.  It looked like the filter was applying a subset already (parent A and child 6).  I removed an re-added the filters and made the parent option a single value drop down.  You can see the 'all' as an option to view the entire data set.  I also modified the filter to reflect 'only relevant values.'  Tableau seems to default to the 'all values in database' option.


          Hope this helps!