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    Average sales, excl. last 12 months, compared to last 12 month sales

    Boreak Silk

      Hi Tableau Community,

      I'm trying to compare sales of the last 12 months with long-term average excluding the last 12 month sales.

      I came up with a LOD calculation below


      { FIXED DATEPART('month',[Date]), [Category] :

      AVG({ FIXED DATEPART('year',[Date]), DATEPART('month',[Date]), [Category]:



      but it includes the last 12 month sales, how do I exclude the last 12 month sales from this average calculation?

      Or any other solution? I read some solutions with Today() function but I am looking for a solution using MAX

      month to determine the latest 12 months. Attached is the workbook.


      Thank in advance.