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    Handling Nulls with no records at all

    Bob Molnar

      I have a data set that is gathering data about user events that happen in a series of web pages (e.g., Form Starts, Form Completions, etc.). As part of a marketing dashboard I'm creating, I'm using a series of "feature cards" to indicate raw sums of certain events. In the data set, a record consists of the following dimensions, among others: [Date], [Page], [Event Category], [Event Label], [Event Action]. I have two measures: [Events] and [Unique Events].


      In my data set, I have records for Page A, Page B, Page C, and Page D. There is an additional page, Page E, that has yet to record an event. I need to show zeroes for that page, but I'm unable since there are no records for Page E.


      In my attached workbook, I have three worksheets:

      • Data Table
      • FC - Page A Form Starts (Working) - a working example of a Feature Card
      • FC - Page E Form Starts (Not Working) - the Feature Card for Page E, on which I need to show zeroes until an event actually tracks


      The filters I used to create both of the feature cards target an event action equal to "form-start" and a Condition By Formula where [Page] = "Page A" (or "Page E," for the page which has yet to have a record).


      Is there a way to show zeroes where no record yet exists for "Page E?" I've tried IFNULL(), ZN(), and also an IF([Page] = ""), which I figured would never work in the first place.


      I've attached a sample TWBX.


      Thank you!