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    Any way to deny a "group" permissions on everything and then manually change one workbook?

    Chris Keeney

      I'm taking over the Site admin position at my company and am working on a way to share dashboards with clients on the server without letting them access any other files.


      Each client has an Explorer license (It's not worth us to get Viewer licenses since you need to purchase a minimum of 100).  When logging into the server. The headers show all the Projects/Workbooks/Views/Data Sources


      Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 9.49.11 AM.png


      I put ClientXYZ into a group called "ClientXYZ Viewers" and manually set their permissions for each Project and Workbook.  However, they're still able to see EVERYTHING in the Views folder despite not being permissioned on the project folders or workbooks they are located. Is there a quick way to set the permissions so everything is denied and then I can change it so they only see the one table. I can't delete any of the views yet (still determining which is important), and it would be too tedious to go through each of the 362 Views and set the permissions manually.


      I tried going into the Views tab, selecting all, and then changing the permissions, but it says "Permissions are inherited by the Workbook". This isn't true because I have ClientXYZ set to view only one workbook.