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    Tableau Public & Google Sheets (changing data source)

    Gaurav Gupta-Casale

      I have created a story on Tableau Public which is currently connected locally on Microsoft Excel.


      If I upload the same dataset to Google Sheets, is it possible for that Tableau Story to connect without having to recreate visualizations, formats, calculated fields, etc?


      Essentially, I am wondering if it is possible to seamlessly change data sources from Excel to Google Sheets like you are able to do locally between Excel files.


      Thank you for the help!

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          Hey Gupta,


          Yes, You can replicate local excel file to google sheets.



          Connect to Google Sheets using user Name and Password and Select Datasheet which you want to connect.


          Follow this steps:


          Google Sheets


          Once connected data then you need to replicate data source to new(Just replace Data Source)



          right click on Google Data Source and Select Replace Data Source



          You can get above message and select Current and Replace Data Source like above.


          Then click Ok and finish. You can see data source is replace with Google sheets.