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    Daylight saving

    Ivan Varga



      I have a question about displaying hour that repeats itself in the end of daylight saving period. We are using EET timezone, our data source is in EET and tableau desktop picks time from PC that is in EET.

      More about EET timezone and it's daylight saving can be seen here: https://www.timeanddate.com/time/change/romania/bucharest.


      Attached workbook demonstrates the problem, made in Tableau Desktop 10.5.5.


      Data source has 2 columns, one for time and other for value. Value rises from oldest timestamp to newest one, by 0.1, starting from 1.

      Time column has 3 am - 4 am written twice because it happens twice in EET. That day has 25 hours.


      You can see right away that there is peak at 3am to 4am. Tableau sums all values for specific timestamp, but in this case it's not what we want.


      Does anyone know how that hour, at the end of daylight saving period, should be handled?

      When we tried to display start of daylight saving period and tableau recognized hour in which daylight saving time should happen. It doesn't seem like it happened in the end of the daylight saving period.

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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Hello Ivan,


          Users concerned about timestamps relating to Daylight time changes typically utilize UTC time to prevent changing values through the seasons.  You might consider utilizing that sort of format.  What has been utilized in the past for your system?