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    Action Filter Multiple Datasources -- Show something when all marks are filtered out.

    Thomas Rones

      I have an action filter that navigates from one dashboard to the next.

      Dashnboard 1 uses datasource 1

      On Dashboard 2 I have multiple sheets, some use datasource 1 some use datasource 2.


      I am trying to create a label that will say something like "No data available for this country."

      Datasource 2 does not have all the countries that datasource 1 has.





      I figured out how to do this manually, but it is not dynamic, I have to compare the list of countries in each datasource and then write a case statement:


      Case ATTR(Datasource1.Country)

      when "Germany" then "No Data for Germany"

      when "France" then No Data for France"

      else null



      Note: It is ok if it just says "this country" rather than "Germany", I just want it to be dynamic so I dont have to update this calculated field all the time


      I tried things like ISNULL(COUNT(Country)) and also if COUNT(country) = 0... but there are no marks in my view (due to the action filter), so I can't get anything to show up