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    Data Blending on Dates (Month, Year), Dimensions by Quarter/Month issues


      Hi all,


      Having searched online for quite some time now, still cannot find a solutions.


      I have to do data blend on 2 sources (one data source is from Tableau Server) . The blending conditions is based on dates.


      What I am trying to do is "If Actual Sales is populated (From one data source), then use that, else use the prediction/current Sales. (Another data source)"


      If dimensions by month, it looks ok.  (blue means from Actual sales), (orange means from prediction sales figures)




      but If I switch to quarters, if the "actual sales month" is in between 2 quarters, then everything breaks down, since data blending requiring data to be fully aggregated and LOD cannot be used.


      For example, for Q3, it is only summing using Current sales and neglected actual sales in July.




      I have a solution to force users to input a parameter to by pass this problem, but I don't want users having to do change the parameter every month.


      Appreciate if someone may give me some directions.


      Thanks !!!!