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    Tableau Reader and Filters - filters do not keep choices when switching tabs on a story

    Laurence Turner

      Hi All,


      I have a workbook set up with multiple worksheets containing visualisations. (I have attached an example workbook in its place)
      I have created a number of filters with the intention to allow the user to define some basic assumptions that would filter through into the charts/visualisations.


      So there's a front page which contains the filters. Let's say I choose to change my country from USA to UK. The filter is set to apply to "all using this datasource".

      Clicking to the next part of the story the filter choice is lost - and the defaults (country = USA) are shown.


      This does not happen when I tested my dashboard/story in Desktop, but has arisen as a problem when I test on Reader. Critically, it only happens when a user that does not have a desktop licence is interacting with the dashboard/story. So I used my own gmail account to test this, and found the filters do not carry through to the rest of the story.


      I've mocked up a dashboard which I have attached to this post.


      Honestly, it was not made clear to me by my Tableau account team that this kind of functionality would be lost when a user would interact with the filters in Tableau Reader, so if there's a way round this (ideally without having to put the filters as an option onto each dashboard in the story) that would be amazing.


      Thanks in advance for any help. It really is appreciated!