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    Quick Filter: Set default value on filter based on selection in another filter

    Eric Mahendren



      I have a dashboard where I have used 3 single value dropdown filters. The first filter displays "all values" in the database, whereas the 2nd and 3rd filters are restricted to display "relevant values" (note: we are unable to use "All" in any of the filters).


      The issue I'm experiencing the whole dashboard going blank when I change the first filter. Once this happens, I select other items in the second and third filters everything displays correctly again. The dashboard goes blank because the previously selected items in the 2nd and 3rd filters are no longer relevant.


      Is there a way to set a default value in a filter based on the selection in another? For instance, if I select "Area 4" in Filter 1 then "Subarea 4" in Filter 2 is selected by default.


      Thanks in advance.