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    How do I correct my calculated field syntax?

    Susan Furushiro

      Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 9.01.46 AM.png

      I wish to create a calculated field, based on value in Visit Outcome and Offer Date fields. I have figured out the correct syntax in Numbers (Apple equivalent to Excel), but am unable to successfully apply the formula in my twbx. I am running Tableau 2018.2


      1.) The syntax that works is in attached Apple Numbers iCloud doc (link attached): https://www.icloud.com/numbers/0jJoIyqz-_Gpdn7vMWtMvM5Mg#New-Existing_formulahttps://www.icloud.com/numbers/0jJoIyqz-_Gpdn7vMWtMvM5Mg#New-Existing_formula

      In plain English, when a Visit Outcome="Accepted" and the Offer date is within 18 months of today's date, my new-existing calculated field value is "existing", if it is prior to 18 months, the value is "new". If the Visit Outcome is not equal to "Accepted", the new-existing field value is "na".



      Grateful for assist.