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    Fixing color range across single value filter

    Anthony Sardain

      Hey all,


      I'm not sure how to phrase this question succinctly and so haven't been able to find a solution on the forums.


      Attached, I have a data set outlining the difference in the number of fatalities between this week and last week in 5 countries – Afghanistan, DRC, Nigeria, Syria, Yemen. I choose which country I want to look at with a "Single Value" list filter. As you can see, depending on which country you choose, the range of the colours changes – e.g. Afghanistan goes from -90 to +73, Nigeria goes from -2 to 11 – which makes visual comparison between countries difficult.


      I'd like to keep the same range of colours for all of the countries, such that the minimum value is the minimum value across all 5 countries, and the maximum value is the maximum across all 5 countries – i.e. in this case: -141 to 73 – rounded up to the nearest 50 symmetrically, so -150 to 150.


      Obviously I can do this manually with "Edit Colors" > "Advanced", but I'm looking for an automated solution.