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    Tableau Prep Flow Summary

    Steven Brown


      I was wondering if there is a way to output a summary or list, or other text output that describes the steps in a data prep flow. Basically is there a way that you could explain what cleaning etc. is performed in a flow to someone that does not have Tableau?

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          Jim Dehner

          Hi Steven

          Good question - I am not aware of a way to list all at the same time but

          you can select a step and on the right side bar at the top is a small carot


          if you open it it will tell you what was done


          you would have to do each separately - but then again they are integral to the viz so if you make a change they will update





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            Steven Brown

            Thanks for the reply Jim. Yes, that is a way to get the details, but that would be a lot of tedious work to copy and paste each step, and like you said if changes were made that process would have to be repeated.


            Wondering if anyone else knows anything, if not maybe it's a feature that could be added in the future. See,s like it wouldn't be that difficult to dump those descriptions into a text file?