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    Viewing Data YTD but With a Month Level Filter

    Fabian Aparisi

      Hello all, long time viewer, first time caller....


      I have a visualization at the month level where I'm only looking for months that have a 96% or better purge rate. I have a filter that is set up with a parameter (just in case my managers decide 96% isn't what they want to see anymore) to filter my data:








      My challenge is that if I try to aggregate it without the months included, my filter is then looking at the year level and ends up including everything, and because 2018 as a whole does not make 96% or better, it doesn't show up:



      My current formula for my filter is pretty basic:

      IF [PURGE_RATE] >= [Parameter 1] THEN 'Y'

      ELSE 'N'



      where [Parameter 1] is the 96%. I'm assuming I need to do a LOD calculation but my experience with those are fairly limited. Anyone have any ideas how I can have a visual that has the data aggregated to what the numbers show in the "After" image? I know I can do it if I "hide" all of the months, but I need to be able to edit the colors so it's not an option for me .

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