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    Mixed highlight/filter

    Diego Parker

      Hi! I am relatively new to Tableau and whilst I was working on my last viz I came across a problem.


      I would like to know if it is possible to create an action (or a parameter that work as an action) to filter one part of the dashboard and highlight another part of the dashboard.


      I'll upload some pictures for reference.


      1) So I am working in a dashboard that right now looks like that, I have a highlighter and a filter that would like to combine in one action.

      Problem 1.png

      2) The filter works like that for the middle part

      Problem 2.png

      3) The highlight works like that for the outside

      Problem 3.png

      4) The ideal look would be something like this but including the spikes in the middle (not just the title)

      Problem 5.png


      I'm attaching the workbook if anyone fancies a look.


      Thank you in advance for the help, much appreciated!