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    Filtering two data sources with combined measures

    Thomas Massie

      Hey there!


      I'm facing the following challenge: Having the same dataset, I'm comparing one entity (let's call it 'target') with the rest of the dataset. However, this rest is filtered according to different variables. I duplicated the dataset using the first for the target of choice, and the second as benchmark data (yes, a more or less typical benchmarking issue). What I am struggling at the moment is the following:


      a) I'm using a calculated variable/field that reflects a ratio of variables from both datasets. I'm not 100 % sure whether that works correctly, but I guess it does. The point is more that when I'm plotting time series of the target and the benchmark inside the same plot, the target gets filtered, too. I'm using the filter from the first data source. However, when applying it I can only choose applying it to specific sheets, not sources. Am I missing here a very basic concept in Tableau..? I attached a screenshot displaying the target in yellow and the benchmark in grey. All works fine until I choose a filter value (a specific group) to which the target belongs. When deselecting that group the yellow line disappears... That's exactly my problem here.


      b) The filters for the benchmark data should be cascadal. That is, if I select a specific 'country', for instance, all industries (next filter) that don't belong to this country should not appear in the filter list 'industry'. Is that a context filter thing?


      I would be very happy if someone could help me with this. And no, unfortunately, I cannot provide a workbook. I'm sorry...!


      Many thanks in advance,