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    "This data source is corrupted." Tableau Bridge and WDC not working.

    Armand Deheunynck

      Hi everyone,


      I'm trying to refresh with Tableau Bridge an Extract initially created with a Web Data Connector and Tableau Desktop but I get this error message "This data source is corrupted. Replublish the data source from Tableau Desktop and try again."

      data source is corrupted.png


      What I did to resolve this issue :

      - Republish data source from Tableau Dektop,

      - Repair/Unlink/Exit + Reinstall Tableau Bridge,

      - Reinstall Tableau Desktop and republish data source.


      What I checked to understand the issue :

      - Initial extract can be use with Tableau Online and is downloadable,

      - Connection to the source is tested and ok with Tableau Bridge,

      - WDC works like a charm with Tableau Desktop,


      databse credentials.png


      I checked in the documentation and in the Tableau Community Forums but I didn't find anything that helped me.


      Any idea ?