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    Order of values (colors) on bar chart

    Nathan Schwinnen

      I have the following formula:


      If [Time at Destination] <75 then "<75"

      ELSEIF [Time at Destination] >75 AND [Time at Destination] <105 Then ">75<105"

      ELSE ">105"



      I drag this dimension onto the color mark to get the bars on my graph to show different colors depending on this dimension.  Works great, with one exception.  The values/colors are in the exact opposite order of what I would want them to be.  It pus ">105" at the beginning of the graph and "<75" at the end of the graph.  I cannot understand the logic that makes this happen.  The lower values (<75) are out at the far right on the graph where the values should be higher.

      Anyone know how I can get these in the order I want?  I've tried a few different things, but nothing has worked.