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    command-line to refresh wildcard union before run the flow


      Hi All,


      Although we could run the prep flows with command line feature (then we can schedule run flows automatically).

      There is still a problem -  how to refresh wildcard union input while running the flow by command line?


      For example,

      There is a wildcard union input as bellow, which union Act_Sales_Rent* files under the specific folder into a prep input.


      There are 3 files now.

      If we move an additional file Act_Sales_Rent_20180801-20180831.txt into this folder.

      We expect that it will refresh the wildcard union input while running the flow with the command-line.


      Is there any command line argument for this purpose?


      We found an idea here:


      It seems that we should refresh it "manually" and wait this feature in the next ? version.