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    Spatial Join: Public Shape File

    Derrell Pate

      Hello Everyone,


      I'm trying to map the data of public zip codes against a polygon of the hurricane Florence. It seems the new 2018.2 .shp Spatial Join isn't working for me. I've tried the "intersect" selection in the Data Source Tab but no data is showing. Currently i've uploaded the data with a full outer join to include all the rows.


      Is there a way to get the ST Intersect of the polygon path and the zip codes that are inside it?


      Thanks in Advance!

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          siva Nageswara Rao

          Hi @Derrell Pate


          Please verify the data your using in the join condition.

          Here your using the fields stormnum and Geoid10 but the data in the two fields are not having any matching data bcz of that its returning no records. Full outer join will give you the all the records in the two table irrespective of join.





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            Zhouyi Zhang

            Hi, Derrell


            Your two shape files are in different coordinate system, that's why the intersect doesn't work.

            When you generate the storm shape, please make sure it uses the same coordinate as the zip shape file, in your sample, which is EPSG:4269



            Hope this helps



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              Peter Fakan

              Hi Derrell,


              I took a different approach to the polygon rabbit hole, I've replaced the background map with an image of the hurricane. You can overlay your postcodes over the top to obtain analysis (even turning on the superstore ones is interesting ).



              To do this I just googled up a few open WMS servers and added them into Tableau - unfortunately this was more miss than hit but I ended up with a current one.



              HTH 18.2 attached